During my first class of the Academic and Digital Literacy module, we reviewed assignment briefs, grammar, spelling, deadlines and writing in a reflective manner. The assignment brief was broken down into sections with each section explained individually and in detail. I believe after listening to how the assignment brief was broken down, I now have a better understanding of what is expected of me from this assignment and how to achieve the high marks attainable from this particular assignment. I also believe that after reviewing deadlines, in relation to this module, I now have a better understanding of how to effectively manage my time and how to avoid missing set deadlines and losing marks.

Reviewing grammar, spelling and deadlines was a simple task for each, as the expectations for each of these was  set and explained at length to allow full understanding for the individual. Going forward I will apply the knowledge gained from the explanation of spelling, grammar and deadline expectations to all future university assignments that involve reports and I could also apply the deadlines information to my job outside of university, as I work in a job role that depends on good time management and working to given deadlines whenever possible.

When looking at the assignment brief, this was an area I had little understanding of as I have not seen a higher education assignment brief so far during my time at Blackpool & the Fylde College. I have previous experience with assignment briefs as I attended a level three diploma in Computing and during this course I had an assignment brief for each assignment of the eighteen modules which I completed. These assignment briefs were similar to the assignment brief displayed, during the Academic and Digital Literacy class, but I found that the higher education assignment brief was much more detailed. I now feel more comfortable when reading a higher education assignment brief and feel that going forward I would be able to dissect an assignment brief with more ease and understanding.

When looking at the topic of reflective logs, this is an area that I do not have any academic experience in. In terms of personal experience I believe ,like every other human being, that I have plenty of experience in reflection as I undertake tasks every day whether this is at work, university or at home and upon completion or sometimes during a task I will reflect upon my actions. I will also reflect on my actions retrospectively sometimes but I have not ever logged these actions down physically only mentally. Going forward I feel that I have a greater understanding of how to reflect on my actions and would feel more confident when writing a reflective log for a given task or about a class I may attend in the future.