During the second class of the Academic & Digital Literacy module, the class covered the topics of Harvard Referencing and Reliability of online sources.

When discussing the topic of Harvard Style Referencing the class was educated around why it is important to reference, what happens if we do not use referencing in our assignments, what sources of information must be referenced, when to reference, the three elements of Harvard referencing, what is common knowledge, where to find the information we need to reference correctly, what information should be used when referencing and about secondary referencing. I have had little experience with referencing in the past during my level three diploma at college or outside of education in the workplace. Discussing this topic in detail has made me much more confident going forward in relation to using referencing in my future assignments and also making sure that I am using the correct format when referencing.

When discussing the Reliability of online sources topic, the class was educated around how to effectively find if a particular website is credible, in terms of the content listed in relation to the task being performed e.g. assignment report, etc. I have briefly touched on this topic during my first year of computer science at another university but I found that discussing the topic in detail and performing a task based around the topic has expanded my knowledge in this area and will make me more confident going forward, when I have to use credible sources of information online for my future assignments.

Going forward I believe that after performing the set task around credible online sources, I will be able to effectively find credible information online through different websites to aid my research into the different topics of computing that I will study over the next two years of my degree. I also feel that I will now be able to effectively determine when a source of information online is not credible by using the technique of further reading, where I will find another source that either backs up the point being made in the first source or states the opposite. If a conflicting argument is given through the second source then I will find a third source online that agrees with the point stated on either of the initial sources that I have viewed.

I also feel more confident using the Harvard Style Referencing system following the Academic & Digital Literacy class, as the topic was discussed in detail and there was an example slide during the presentation which had examples of how to write references in an academic assignment. This is also readily available to look back at in the future if I feel the need when completing reference lists for future assignments during my degree.