During class three of the Academic & Digital Literacy module the class looked at Harvard style referencing in more detail and completed a set task that required the class to write an individual report on social media.

Before I had attended this class, I had started writing an assignment for my 2D Graphics module and thought that I had referenced my work correctly. My reference list was done correctly but unfortunately I had not cited references in the actual content of my assignment where I was making a point or defining something. This meant that basically any point of fact that I was making was invalid because I had not backed it up with a credible reference.

During this class I undertook a task to write a report around social media. I had to also provide a reference list and cite references throughout the report when making a point or providing facts. Completing this task and asking questions throughout the class provided me with an insight to where I went wrong with my in-text citation to my references, which I had not completed correctly in my 2D Graphics assignment. Since that class I have now applied what I have learned in regards to in-text citation and feel that my work on my 2D Graphics assignment is now referenced correctly both in-text and in my reference list.

During the task set in this class, the tutor also set requirements for the research required, which was to find credible sources of information online and there must be one each of the  following domain names, com, ac.uk, gov and org. This added an extra challenge to the task and taught me a valuable lesson in further reading. During my research I successfully found a credible source from each of the requested domain names but I had to search further and spend more time reading through the sources to find out if the information provided was valid and credible.

Going forward I now feel much more comfortable when referencing in-text, to back up the points I am making and facts that I may be providing in my assignments. I feel the extra work around the Harvard style referencing system will be invaluable when writing assignments for my degree in the near future.