Class four of Academic & Digital Literacy consisted of a recap on the fundamentals of the Harvard referencing system and a brief venture into realm of academic journals. The previous week looking at the Harvard referencing system in more detail allowed me to edit my 2D Graphics assignment and update it with the correct in text citations that I required to back up the points I was making in my assignment. I came away from this class with much more confidence going forward with the use of the Harvard referencing system.

During this weeks class the Harvard referencing system was recapped to reinforce our knowledge around this topic and to ensure that we are applying it correctly in our current assignments. I felt comfortable and confident in the use of this referencing system as the work done in previous classes provided me with the knowledge that I required to effectively apply this system to my university work.

The class also took a brief look at journals which for me is an area of reading that I never explored during my level three qualification and so have little knowledge around how to read an academic journal and how to then break it down. The class was set the task to read through the journal, ‘Monetizing a Meme’, to find the key points within and make notes based on what we thought were the key points/arguments in the journal. As this was again an area I had little knowledge or experience in, I found that I struggled a little to break down the journal and analyze the main points within. I highlighted what I thought were the main points within and made notes next to them based on my opinion of the argument/point listed.

To summarize the this weeks class,  I found that the recap on the Harvard referencing system was beneficial and I am now completely confident in how to apply this system to my university assignments. I also feel that the task set around reading through a journal will be beneficial once the task is complete and the class go through this together next week.