During this weeks Academic and Digital Literacy class, breaking down and analyzing a journal was the topic to be explored. This involved work which was to be completed over the week from the previous class. The task set was to read through and break down the journal, ‘Monetizing a Meme.’

The class were split into two groups for this session and the first half of the session was spent looking into a new concept, that I had previously not heard of, called SQ3R. SQ3R is a process used by academics to breakdown and analyze journals. I found this process very interesting and a process which going forward I will be looking to apply whenever I am using a journal to reference my work.

During the second half of the session, my group explored the journal, ‘Monetizing a Meme’ and had a long but interesting group discussion with the lecturer around what we identified as key points/arguments listed in the journal. I found that listening to others’ points of view and opinions around the key area’s of this paper were very interesting and opened my eyes to some key area’s of the journal that I had not personally identified during my read through previous to the class.

I also found that the group discussion was a good ice breaker as it brought some members of the group out of their shell so to speak. I found that the group discussion was also personally beneficial, as in the future I plan to become a lecturer at HE level and believe that group discussions will help me to be more confident and provide my thoughts and opinions, whether good or bad, for others to analyze.

The class were set the task of reading through the ‘Monetizing a Meme’ journal again using the SQ3R method to break down the journal and list its key points. After researching this method during this weeks class I feel confident in going forward and analyzing this journal, breaking it down and listing the key points I find within for review in next weeks class.