The first part of today’s class was spent working as a group to research material to be used in a presentation. There were multiple topics to choose from and my group decided to research Copyright Law. My task within the group was to research what Copyright Law is. Copyright Law is a topic which I have a fair understanding of as I have completed an assignment based on this topic for my Level 3 diploma. I found that upon researching Copyright Law further, there was a great deal of interesting information that was new to me and has expanded my knowledge of this topic. I also now feel more confident presenting this information to an audience after reading further into this topic.

The second half of today’s class was an assignment workshop. During this session I worked on my Academic & Digital Literacy assignment and focused on ensuring that my reflective logs were both up to date and my academic writing was of a good standard throughout.

After working on my reflective logs for a number of weeks now I feel that my academic writing has improved and I feel more confident when writing reflectively in regards to my actions at university. I have also found that having the word count restraint in some of my assignment tasks has helped me to write more concisely, which in turn will help me to work within the stated word count for future assignments.