This weeks class was an assignment workshop and included feedback from the tutor for the last set formative task. There was also a plan in place for my group to perform our presentation on Copyright Law to the class but due to a number of student absences today this task was cancelled. The tutor instead changed the task to compiling and submitting the presentation to moodle.

During this class I received feedback for my first assignment in the 2D Graphics module. My assignment was described as ‘A very strong first assignment with clear evidence of research and a good academic approach.’ I feel that this is an accurate overview of my assignment as I had spent a lot of time researching information relevant to this assignment before producing a quality piece of academic work using this research.

There were however area’s for me to improve that would probably have increased my grade to an A+ and these were, a greater use of cross-referencing in my work and slightly more depth in regards to technical description within my ‘Screen and Print Media’ section, although this was a minor criticism.

Going forward I believe that my cross-referencing skills will improve for future assignments, due to the feedback given from the 2D Graphics assignment and also due to my  further reading into academic writing and referencing that I have completed since receiving this feedback.