For this reflective log I would like to look back over the previous week and in particular the approaching deadline for the second 2D Graphics assignment. At the beginning of the week I found that I still had a fairly size able  amount of work to complete for the assignment and that I had not been effectively managing my time. This reflection allowed me to understand where I had made mistakes and to plan how I would approach the assignment work that I still had to complete. I found that if I had devoted more time to completing the work required for this assignment over the previous weeks since the assignment was set, I would have been in a much stronger position as the assignment deadline approached.

I devised a plan to spend around four hours per night to complete the assignment over the week and this worked well as I had the assignment complete by Friday. This allowed me the time over the next couple of days to proof read and make refinements to the assignment, which overall should improve my chances of obtaining a higher grade for the assignment.

Going forward this experience has changed the way that I will approach future assignments, in the way that I will plan out, week by week free time and how I will use this to work on my assignments rather than just completing work as and when I feel the need. This experience has also taught me a valuable lesson in that if my assignment work is completed early, then I will have more opportunities to have my work evaluated through formative feedback and one to one sessions with my tutor(s).