For my final reflective log for the Academic & Digital Literacy module I would like to reflect on the first semester as a whole. I believe that whilst the first semester modules have been interesting and have pushed me to produce quality academic work that was submitted for review, I feel that there are areas that I need to apply much more focus on for the next semester and also going forward for the rest of my time that I will be spending in higher education.

I believe that my organization and time management this semester has been particularly poor. I have consistently been finishing assignments on the deadline day and during the formative assessments I believe that the amount of work I have been submitting for formal review has not been enough. Going forward I plan to manage my time much more efficiently using the time management skills I have been working on through the ADL module and make a plan of time that I will spend on my assignments on a weekly basis, around my many other commitments  outside of university. I believe that having an assignment plan will ultimately improve my obtainable grades  for all assignments as I will be more prepared for formative hand in days, which will give me more opportunity to refine my work for the final submission deadline.

I also believe that I am committing to more than I can handle outside of university which is having an effect on my academic performance and completing work before deadline days. Going forward I plan to use my time management skills obtained through ADL, as well as renegotiating my contract at work so that I work less hours going forward, which should ultimately provide me with more time in which to focus my efforts on my university assignments.