During the Academic & Digital Literacy class this week, my assignment work was formatively reviewed by my tutor. Upon reading through my work the tutor made comments and suggestions of how to improve the work completed, which in turn should allow me to submit a higher quality piece of work.

My writing style was discussed and in particular the fact that my knowledge of the topic is sound but when I am transferring my idea’s into my written work, my ability to write concisely is an area that requires improvement. The tutor provided me with idea’s of how to go about improving this weak area of my academic writing and I plan to do some further research online into writing concisely. I believe that going forward my ability to write concisely will improve with time and practice.

Finally I believe that going forward the quality of my assignment work will improve as I have implemented plans to improve my time management by devoting a certain number of hours per day to working on assignments and also to further research and practice writing concisely over the Christmas break.